Introduction To The Development Prospects Of Single And Double-sided FPC Circuit Boards

The FPC flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film and has a high reliability. In terms of PCB, with the further increase of competition, the price war is heating up, the common circuit board is getting lower and lower, but the flexible circuit board still has a certain market, generally divided into single-sided FPC circuit board and double-sided FPC circuit board, below Analyze single-sided FPC boards and double-sided FPC boards!

Single-sided FPC line development prospects:

1. Thickness. The thickness of a single-sided FPC must be more flexible and must be thinner;

2. Fold resistance. Can be bent is a natural characteristic of single-sided FPC, the future single-sided FPC folding must be stronger,

3. Price. At this stage, the price of single-sided FPC is much higher than that of PCB. If the price of FPC is down, the market will certainly be much wider.

4. Process level. In order to meet various requirements, the single-sided FPC process must be upgraded, and the minimum aperture, minimum line width/line spacing must meet higher requirements.

Double-sided FPC board foreground:

1. Advantages: high density, small size, light weight and high reliability

2. Disadvantages: high cost, long cycle, high reliability testing