IPC's Latest Report Shows High Growth In Global PCB Production In 2017

According to the survey data, the share of China's PCB production value in global PCB production value continued to grow in 2017, more than half. Due to the impact of offshore investment, Taiwan and Japan's PCB production value has declined globally. The fastest growing global PCB production share in 2017 was Vietnam and Thailand. The rapid growth of the Thai PCB industry, coupled with the continued decline in US PCB production, has prompted Thailand to become the fifth largest PCB producer in the US.


Although the global PCB production share in the United States is declining, after the price factor, the US PCB production value increased by 5.9% in 2017, the US domestic production value accounted for 3.9% of the global PCB production value, and the US company's output value accounted for 6.5%. Despite the retreat of manufacturing companies, most large US companies still invest their production bases in other countries.




The Global PCB Production Report is an annual report issued by the IPC. It has been released for 40 years and was developed by a team of PCB industry analysts. It is the most reliable source of data for the global PCB industry.