Japan's PCB Output Plummets, FPC Output Drops By Nearly 40%

According to statistics released by the Japan Electronic Packaging Circuits Association (JPCA) on the 15th, Japan ’s printed circuit board (PCB, rigid board + flexible board + module substrate) output in August 2019 was 18.5% higher than the same month last year. 933,000 square meters, this is the ninth consecutive month showing a downward trend, the largest decline this year; the output value shrank by 7.7% to 35.598 billion yen, the eighth consecutive month of decline.


First of all, Japan ’s Rigid PCB production in August fell 14.6% to 704,000 square meters from the same month of last year, and has contracted for the ninth consecutive month, the largest decline this year. The sixth consecutive month of decline.


Flexible PCB decreased by 37.1% to 154,000 square meters, shrinking for the 27th consecutive month, and the decrease was more than 30% for the seventh consecutive month. The output contracted by 23% to 3,055 million yen, the 13th in a row. Monthly decline.


The output of Module Substrates was 2.1% to 75,000 square meters, the third consecutive month of decline; the output increased by 10.5% to 9,668 million yen, showing a growth trend for the fifth consecutive month.


During the January-August period of 2019, Japan's PCB production dropped by 12.9% from the same period last year to 8.369 million square meters, and its output fell by 6.9% to 294.437 billion yen.


Japanese PCB suppliers mainly include Ibiden, CMK, NOK's Nippon Mektron, Fujikura, Shinko, Meiko, etc.