Leading Quick Turn Prototype

Shenzhen Xingda Xin  Electric Tech., LTD. is a Leading Quick Turn prototype and small  volume OEM PCB/PCBA manufacturer in China.     We specialized in  producing various PCBs up to 38 layers. Our monthly output of PCB reaches 5000 squares and 3000 different  models. We have been certified by ISO 9001 and 14001,  TS16949UL and  SGS. More than 90% of our  products are exported to overseas market.    Rate of the first passed products: >95%,  Rate of delivery on time: >95%.   We offer 24x7 hours quotation  service and 24x7 hours engineering support.  Even if it is 3:00 a.m. in Chinese time, you also can get our quotation service and engineering  support.  

Our provide  materail:                        Our provide delivery  day:                         

Halogen free;                                      Quick turn Service as  following:

High TG  ( tg150, tg170,  tg180);                   Double layer:  24H;

High CTI  ( CTI>600v );                                   Four layer:  48H;

High copper ( 8oz );                                        Six  layer: 48H;

High layer;                                                         8 layer: 2WD;

Rogers; Arlon;  Nelco;                            10 layer:  2WD;

Taconic;  Teflon;                                    12 layer:  2WD;

HDI; PTFE;                                           14 layer: 4WD;

CEM-1; CEM-3;                                              16  layers: 6WD;

Aluminum; Polyimide                            Multi-layer PCBs ( up to 40 layer  );



Surface  process: PCBs with HAL,  Lead free HASL, Gold finger, Immersion Gold,  Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, Flash gold, Hard gold, Peelable Soldermask,  Carbon Ink, OSP surface treatment.


Technology capability: Min T/G:2.5mil/3mil, Max  finished size:1200x600mm, Micro via (laser drilling), Blinded  / Buried hole, Countersink hole, Half hole, (Blinded hole, Buried hole+HDI).  plugged by epoxy, Impedance..


We can always offer the best  quality, the most competitive price and professional service.    Welcome to your inquiry and reply. I will send you  more detail information if you need.