LED Flashing Light Cap Wakes Up The Owner To Avoid Missing His Station

Busy urban life always needs a break, a few days ago in New York, the United States one men wanted to sleep on the subway, but afraid of missing the station, on the head wearing a "Please wake up" LED flashing lamp cap. the man's interesting behavior was recorded by the subway passengers and Po online, which leads netizens around.


According to media reports, a subway passenger in New York, us, put on a "wake me up" hat in order to seize the time to catch up on sleep, and afraid of not getting off at the destination station, but this hat is very special, it runs "before I miss 34th street -- please wake me up" LED subtitle.


As the subway passengers feel interesting, then the man asleep "ask passengers to wake him up" cute way to record the Po on the Internet, some wonder whether he often miss standing by to sleep, just think CiCe, others feel that hat is very practical to buy a cap, and people find that funny hat can help people dare not speak the truth.