Maksym Visit Our Factory

Maksym visit our factory

Maksym is from Ukraine. His company is a large company in charge of communication system, automation equipment. Their product is very popular in Ukraine. In China, there are also industries covered by them.

This is the first time he visit our factory.

Firstly, he showed us his product. There were some problems in his device. Maybe it was the power problem or others. And he also wanted to combine two boards into one board. Later,our engineers introduced their ideas to him. And the suggestion was kindly accepted by him.

And then, our manager showed Maksym our workshop. Our manger gave him a brief introduction. he learned more about our factory.

we went to the workshop, and showed them our SMT Production lines, DIP room, AOI test process and so on. Maskym asked us some questions of our production lines, quality controlling, function test and so on. We solved his every questions and told him all process of our production.

After visiting our workshop, we provide him information he needed. And he is satisfied with our quality and service.


Finally, Maksym told us his PCB/PCBA will be produce in our factory. Because he believes our quality and service.

In a word, this is an very unforgettable meeting and memory for both of us. Looking forward we both can be long-term partners and good friends.


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