Mike Li Visit Our PCBA Factory

Mike Li sent us PCBA inquiry and shell inquiry since Oct, 2018. At the beginning, Mike Li doesn’t know we can service for his company one-stop service, from shell to PCB assembly. He just tried. But finally, we told him we can totally meet his need. And he is so glad. Because we can help them save cost and delivery time.


This time the purpose of his visit to our PCBA factory was because his products were produced at our factory. To our long-term cooperation, he want to check the quality control and production process and we discuss how to reduce the cost again. That will facilitate the cooperation of more projects in the future.


Firstly, we visit our SMT line and welding line. Mike Li asked how we controlled the temperature of the components. Our production manager told him that each components has its own temperature control. We need to achieve a good temperature modulation,and then solder according to the performance of the components, so that each component can be soldered in place.


And then Mike Li visit DIP components. We told him now DIP plug are now almost always hand-welded because the machine cannot meet DIP soldering. So it takes a lot of time. That is the same to other PCBA factory.


Finally, Mike Li checked his shell and PCBA board. He is very strict with the details. We told him that we will check each process carefully. If it fails, we will make a markback to improve and control the non-performing rate to 0.


Mike Li is satisfied with our products and he told us that hope we can have more cooperation in the future. That is also our future goal.