Mounter Component Placement Knowledge

1.PCB reference calibration specification

When installing an active placement machine, the mounting coordinates of the components are calculated from the corners of the PCB (usually the lower left and upper right corners). There is an error in processing the PCB, so there is a high-precision layout. It is necessary to locate the PCB board. Alignment method: Complete the symbol point and placement machine optical alignment system.

2. Detection adjustment

After picking up the component, the placement machine needs to determine two issues: whether the middle part of the list component and the placement head are common, and whether the second component is not suitable for placement requirements. If the component does not meet the requirements, it cannot be installed. These two questions need to be tested to determine.

SMT machine

3.PCB transmission

PCB transfer is a step in component assembly. It must be done by the transport organization. After the placement machine accurately connects the components, the PCB must be smoothly output with components connected to the PCB transmission system. Therefore, this step is very important because if the step does not accurately import the component into the direction of the rule, the subsequent operations will be completed.

4. Pick up the components

In this process, the time of improvement and its accuracy and correctness are key points. The elements that affect this process include things and methods of picking, methods of packaging the components, and related features of the components themselves. In the process of picking up components, we must know that the key point is the factor that affects the process. Others only need to know that pickup components are divided into process picking and machine picking. Machine picking includes mechanical gripping and vacuum suction. The modern and simple cutting machine adopts vacuum suction. As long as it is special, it is only used to grasp the mechanical fixture.