Mr. Dusan Sarkovic Visits Our PCBA Factory

Mr. Dusan Sarkovic is a manager and electrical engineer who works in a led display for sports, traffic, and other industry. We met him in Munich Fair in 2016. We have a good contact after fair. His company mainly do pcbs by other manufacturers and assembly by themself. This time he wants to find a PCBA manufacture. They sent their PCBA design for inquiry at first. Then Dusan takes a board sample to us when he visits our factory on 30th Aug.



First we went to the workshop. We showed and explained our SMT production lines, DIP production lines, bonding room, AOI test process, FCT room. Dusan showed great interested in our production process and felt very satisfied with our factory.


After visited workshop, we started our business meeting about his board sample. He showed his sample and told us to pay attention to 2 kinds of components on the boards. My manager explained carefully and professional to him. He left his sample in our factory for further cooperation. We drank tea with him. He loves tea very much, and we give some to him. It was really a happy and good visiting experience.