Mr. Frank Visited Our PCBA Factory

Last year, we made some PCBA projects for Frank’s company. All things were going well before.

We have a good cooperation with them. And he had a plan to visit our factory on 16th May. So we

met in our factory at that day.


First, we went to the workshop. We showed and explained our SMT production lines, DIP room, bonding room, AOI test process and so on to him. He was very interested in the functional test room. So he took some pictures for the pcb test shelf and others.

After visited workshop, we started our business meeting. He introduced their company, production, projects and partners to me and our manager. We learned about a lot from his explanation. Meanwhile, we also told him about our company. After 1 hours, we discussed with their projects we quoted this month. He said that the projects are planning, and we need to wait for his update. We have a very kind meeting which we had together.


Finally, we had a lunch in a Chinese restaurant that we recommended. He like rice noodles very much. Because he ever had some travels in China, he can nearly use chopsticks. All foods he can taste except for agaric. After lunch, we picked him to his hotel. He feel very satisfied with us and our service. Looking forward to seeing him next time.