Mr. Kevin Pt And Mr. Raphael Visit Our PCBA Factory

Mr. Kevin sent a inquiry about visiting our PCBA factory before come to Shenzhen China. After contacted with each other for one week, Mr. Kevin Primat and Mr. Raphael Scheps decided to visit our pcb assembly factory and talked about printed circuit board assembly project details on 17th Oct..

First we went to the workshop. We showed and explained our SMT production lines, DIP room, bonding room, AOI test process and so on to them. Both Kevin and Raphael showed great interested in our production and management.

After visited workshop, we started our business meeting. Mr. Raphael is a professional engineer. He asked our circuit board assembly ability and componments quality. He also paid attention to wires, boxes, cables and waterproof ability. Our engineer explained carefully and professional to them. They feel very satisfied and had a good impression for us.. It was really a happy and good visiting experience.