Ms. Kristina And Mr. Dmitry Visited Our PCBA Factory

Ms. Kristina and Mr. Dmitry visited our PCBA factory

Ms. Kristina and Mr. Dmitrys company is a group company, established in 1945, has more than 70 years history. We received their inquiry in Oct. 2016. And after they received our samples, they decided to visit our PCBA factory to discuss the further cooperation.

Finally, Ms. Kristina and Mr. Dmitry came to visit our PCBA factory on 6th April, 2017. They were very happy when saw our welcome speech.


Firstly, we went to the workshop, and showed them our SMT production lines, DIP room, AOI test process, function test room and so on .







After visiting workshop, we started our business meeting.

Our meeting lasted about 2 hours, both of us were satisfied with the meeting result. Mr. Dmitry were very satisfied with our PCBA factory.