Oyvind Mjanger And Oyvind Skutlaberg Visited Our PCBA Factory

At 10 am on Saturday, October 19, they camed to Shenzhen from Dongguan to visit our factory. They are very welcome to come from afar. The two Mr. Oyvind are very friendly, handsome and able to speak. The goal of their visit is very clear, mainly to look at our production line. After a short break at the office, we immediately entered the workshop.

PCBA factory

We showed and explained our SMT production lines, DIP production line and quality control process. Finally, we also visited the warehouse together.

They are very interested in our temperature control and humidity control.

visiting PCBA factory2

After visited workshop, Mr. Oyvind thanked me for my hospitality and showing him around. He is satisfied with this visit and has a good impression for us.