PCB Contributes To The Development Of New Energy Automotive Industry

In recent years, driven by the new energy vehicle policy, the sales of new energy vehicles in China have increased significantly. In 2018, sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.256 million units, an increase of 67.1% year-on-year; in the first quarter of 2019, sales of new energy vehicles reached 299,000 units. , a year-on-year increase of 109.7%. The popularity of automotive electronics will drive the price of automotive PCBs (printed circuit boards). In recent years, the trend of electrification and electronics of automobiles has become apparent, and PCBs are almost ubiquitous in automotive electronic systems.

The PCB usage of new energy vehicles is close to 4 times that of traditional fuel vehicles, and the price of bicycle PCBs exceeds 1200 yuan. Currently, car chargers, DC-DC converters, inverters and battery management systems for new energy vehicles require a large amount of PCB. The penetration rate and total volume of domestic new energy vehicles are among the highest in the world, and the high growth rate will remain unchanged in the next few years. Related PCB suppliers will benefit a lot.

The automotive business has become a major business for many A-share listed PCB manufacturers and has contributed to a major part of revenue growth in recent years. Among the A-share listed companies in 2018, the global automotive business ranked the top 6 automotive business in the automotive business accounted for about 12%, a significant increase from 10% in 2017. Since the new century, the PCB industry has gradually moved eastward, sharing the share of domestic production in the global market from 17% to more than 50%. China is an important production base downstream of PCBs, and the global share of PCB manufacturers' automotive business is expected to continue to increase