PCB Equipment Communication Board Factory Upgrade Intelligent Manufacturing

Based on the industry standards of SEMI (International Semiconductor Industry Association), after a preparation period of more than one year, the PCBECI equipment networking demonstration team formed by the Taiwan Industrial, Government, Academic, Research and Public Association was officially launched on the 21st, and announced that Promote intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of small and medium board factories in Taichung with a common PCB Equipment Communication Interface (PCBECI), and strengthen the technology research and development capabilities of equipment manufacturers.

The SEMI standard has entered the 43rd year since 1973, and has produced concrete and fruitful results in the development and promotion of international standards in the fields of semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar photovoltaics, micro-electromechanical (MEMS), intelligent manufacturing, and nanotechnology. Assist the microelectronics industry to reduce production costs and integrate technological development, also ensure product connectivity and compatibility, and promote positive growth and economic benefits of the industry.

SEMI said that the newly established PCBECI equipment networking demonstration team is the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) applying SEMI to promote intelligent manufacturing technology standards as the basis, combining SCES with the Communication protocol and Equipment Control (GEM) and other industries The content of the standard is the latest PCBECI equipment communication agreement (SCES / GEM). It is expected that this agreement will reflect its specific benefits and performance in a diverse PCB field.

Cao Shilun, SEMI Global Marketing Director and President of Taiwan, also explained that SEMI Taiwan has 6 technical standards committees including I & C, EHS, FPD, 3D P & I, PV, AT, and many technical teams and working groups under its responsibility Through the SEMI international platform, manufacturers can express their opinions and needs, and participate in the development of technical standards to jointly build a supply chain that meets common standards, and further expand the value of the industry and enhance its international representativeness and overall competitiveness.

In recent years, the wave of intelligent manufacturing has swept the microelectronics industry chain. The process of enterprises achieving digital transformation through automation technology will become the key to determine their layout, profitability and sustainable growth in Industry 4.0. Due to the complex PCB manufacturing process and the types of equipment, There are many, how to solve the problem of communication between the underlying equipment is more important. Therefore, TPCA successively prepared PCBECI demonstration teams in 2018. Combining more than 20 board factories, it is expected that Taiwan equipment manufacturers will take the lead in adopting the demonstration team to further develop industry standards. Rooted promotion.