PCB Equipment Factory Is Expected To Heat Up Quarter By Season

Due to the interference of large environmental uncertainties, the expansion of the PCB industry this year is not as high as it used to be. In the case of poor market demand, the original revenue of the PCB equipment business in June showed a warming trend, but fell again in July. In the past six months, the performance was slightly worse than the same period last year. However, the traditional peak season and the trend of 5G communication and in-vehicle electronics continue to ferment. High-end products are expected to drive demand for high-precision equipment, and equipment operators are expected to return to the current season.

A PCB equipment manufacturer said that the decline in revenue from PCB drilling machines is the most obvious, and that drilling machines are important equipment for new production capacity. Therefore, it is still the most important reason for delaying the expansion of trade wars, but also emphasizes customer order. The deceleration is not cancelled. I am optimistic about the gradual improvement in shipments in the second quarter. In addition to the growth of semiconductor equipment this year, it is expected to gradually improve. Equipment manufacturers continue to develop high-end mobile phones will drive demand for high-end mobile phones. Therefore, expanding the market share of high-precision machines is one of the goals of this year. Among them, CCD deep control molding machine, back drilling machine, drilling and drilling machine. Due to the high precision requirements of 5G communication, automatic driving and other industries, it is expected that the subsequent purchase desire will be more intense. In addition, semiconductor packaging inspection related equipment is also provided by major manufacturers on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Shipments in the semiconductor sector are expected to increase significantly this year.