PCB Factory SLP Application

At the end of last year, Apple's new mobile phone sales lost, causing Apple to be forced to cut the first quarter of this year's financial test, entering the first quarter of the PCB market off-season, the previous year invested in SLP production of PCB factory, in addition to Apple's single demand, has also gradually gained the attention of Chinese brand mobile phone factory, And began to incorporate the design, the relevant manufacturers on the product development prospects, but also gradually regain confidence.


Large PCB industry is optimistic, SLP is used in the market development mode of handheld device products, and it is expected to follow the development of HDI to any layer (HDI Anylayer) process. It is expected to accelerate the diffusion application within 2 years. SLP capacity is not a single incompatible process, and the current end customers As the design is still in its infancy, each family is still back to support the HDI Anylayer process.

Non-Apple mobile phone camp in the market downturn at the same time, boldly included in the design of high-priced mobile phone SLP, and hope to ship in the first half of this year, help small-scale understanding of the PCB factory in the first half of the off-season, mainly focused on high-profile flagship design , catch up and surpass the advantages of existing iPhone products.


Looking back at the production history of HDI Anylayer board, the development of such products in Taiwan PCB factory was first adopted by Apple in 2010. It is the same as the current situation of SLP. The initial production and market scale are not big, but after 2 years, the market The introduction situation has gradually become popular, and it has become a mature process until now. The SLP market is expected to advance in accordance with this path and time.


2017 Apple's new iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X motherboards (Substrate-Like PCB, SLP) design, called the PCB industry SLP first year, invested in the development of SLP production and Apple certified Taiwan factory including Huatong, Yuding, Xinxing and so on.

The advantages of SLP design are greatly reduced in the size and area of handheld devices. As handheld products are designed to be “light, thin, short, and small”, they will free up more space to accommodate larger capacity batteries to provide higher speed. Calculations such as AI and 3D photography, 3D sensing and more.


At present, the biggest shortcoming of SLP is that the market size is not big enough and the production yield is not high enough, so that the unit price is obviously several times higher than that of HDI Anylayer board. However, SLP production, the industry is waiting for the market scale to expand, driving the price down to attract more mobile phone factories. Incorporate it into the design; and the Taiwanese factory has a very early layout in this field. From the perspective of industrial competition, it is equal to one step ahead.