PCB Industry Boom

        PCB, known as the "mother of electronic products", is mainly used in computers, communications, consumer electronics and other fields. The arrival of the 5G era is to make the Chinese PCB industry develop faster.

1. 5G promotes industry prosperity

        According to the comparison of 4G and 5G, the 5G base station will be 1.1 to 1.5 times the number of base stations of the current 4G base station, and the number of micro stations will exceed 9 million stations. At the same time, the PCB value of the 5G base station is expected to be about 12,500 yuan, about three times that of the previous 4G base station.

        The combination of high price and high price of 5G PCB will bring new impetus to the 5G PCB market. It is estimated that China's 5G construction will reach its peak in 2022-2023, and the required PCB value will reach 12 billion yuan respectively. And 12.6 billion yuan.

2.Electron permeability is expected to accelerate

        Under the general trend of 5G, mobile phones still in the 4G era will face major changes in internal structure. The power required for 5G will be greater than that of 4G phones, and the internal battery of the phone will continue to increase. The tension in the interior space will inevitably drive the use of FPC in mobile phones. At the same time, SLP is the current PCB (without IC carrier board), with minimal line width and line spacing (excluding IC carrier board), further integrating the internals of the phone. Improve and help reduce floor space, and penetration will continue to increase in 5G environments.

        At the same time, the construction of 5G is accelerating, and the development of vehicle networks is also expected to accelerate this process. Both intelligent networks and autonomous driving place high demands on the real-time nature of vehicle communication, low latency and high security. In addition, the popularity of new energy vehicles and smart network connected vehicles has gradually matured and will be greatly improved in the future. The degree of electronic electronics (ADAS, cameras and millimeter wave radar, etc.). It is expected that the growth of automotive PCB products under the trend of upgrading automobile consumption will be promising.