PCB Industry Prices Rise, PCB Concept Stocks Growing Up

According to China Net Online, since July this year, major PCB manufacturers including Omway Electronics and Jianye Group have issued price increase notices, saying that they are affected by environmental protection and production of raw materials, such as copper clad laminates and copper foil. The impact of rising prices, companies have to choose to increase the price. According to institutional analysis, with the replacement of 5G communication equipment and the replacement of materials, the industry will achieve a logical transition from cycle to growth. Domestic leading enterprises benefit from the arrival of the industry boom cycle, and market share is expected to increase.

In recent years, the focus of the PCB industry has continued to shift to the Asian region, and Asia's production capacity has further shifted to mainland China, forming a new industrial structure. From the perspective of supply, due to the long-term downturn in upstream copper prices and the increase in environmental protection in recent years, some of China's mainland production capacity has withdrawn. In absolute terms, the supply of major PCB production bases in mainland China is tight. Upstream raw materials and downstream copper clad laminates are among the more concentrated industrial sectors. Therefore, once upstream raw materials rise, CCL manufacturers will respond quickly.