PCB Market Space Measurement Of 5G Acer Station And Office Sub-station

About PCB market space measurement of 5G acer station and office sub-station, hypothesis:

1. Each macro station contains three AAU and one BBU (CU&DU).

2. AAU includes antenna system (oscillator & feed network) and transceiver unit (DSP); DAC/ADC; PA; LNA. Filter and other devices), wherein the oscillator (including PCB material) is integrated on a PCB (including the feed network), the area of the transceiver unit is mainly PA and TRX PCB, and PA board is integrated on TRX board.

3. The size of the antenna base plate is about 0.4*0.75m, using high-frequency materials such as Rogers4730 (ceramic hydrocarbon material, thermosetting), 2-4 layers, some with 6 layers, the unit price is close to 10,000 yuan/square meter, double panels can be as low as 3,300 yuan/square meter, in this calculation, the average price is 7,300 yuan/square meter (according to 3,300 accounting for 40%, 10,000 accounting for 60%). Antenna oscillator size is about 28*28mm, the number of 64, generally available panasonic M4 high-speed material, the unit price is about 2000 yuan/square meter.

4. TRX plate layer number is 10-20 layers, the material is generally high-speed materials such as panasonic M4, size is about 0.4*0.75m, the unit price is about 4000 yuan/square meter.

5. PA board is integrated on TRX, and there are 4 boards in total, each size is about 0.15*0.18m. Double panels (such as Rogers4350) made of high-frequency CCL of ceramic substrate, the unit price is about 2,300 yuan/square meter.

6. There is no big difference between the size of BBU and 4G. There are 3-5 boards in total, with the size of 0.48*0.3m, 20-30 layer boards, 9000 yuan/square meter, panasonic M4M6M7 and other high-speed base materials.

The PCB value of 5G acer station is about 15,104 yuan/station, and the PCB value of room sub-station is about 30%-40% of that of macro station, which is about 5,286 yuan/station. It can be seen that the PCB value of 5G acer station is 3.2 times that of 4G (4,692 yuan), with a relatively large space for improvement.

Considering the progress of 5G construction, assuming the layout rhythm of acer station and office sub-station in 2018-2022, the incremental market space of PCB brought by 5G base station construction in a single year can be obtained (assuming that the value of PCB&CCL of a single station decreases by 6% every year).

It can be seen that in the peak year of 2022-2023, the single annual PCB demand brought by 5G base station construction is about 21-24 billion yuan (of which the mainland of China accounts for about 50-60%), which is nearly three times higher than the 8 billion yuan in the 4G era.

The corresponding market space of CCL (most of which are high frequency and high speed CCL) is about 8 billion yuan (of which mainland China accounts for about 50% to 60%), and the corresponding increase of 2.5 billion yuan in the 4G era is nearly three times.

In terms of structure, assuming that PCB price of each part decreases by 6% every year, the market space of antenna PCB in peak years is about 8 billion yuan/year. TRX USES PCB market space, the peak year is about 4 billion yuan; PA PCB market space peak year is about 900 million yuan; BBU USES PCB market space, the peak year is about 5 billion yuan.