PCB Nanometer Waterproof Coating - Soak For 5 Seconds To Waterproof IPx5

Characteristics of Qingshan New Material TIS-NM PCB Nano Waterproof Coating:

TIS-NM PCB waterproof coating is a colorless, transparent, non-toxic and harmless moisture-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive liquid product. It meets EU environmental protection standards. It has ROHS and REACH 168 testing certifications. It complies with MSDS chemical safety inspection standards and is safe. The poison does not burn.

1. TIS-NM nano-coatings have a very good bonding ability with various substrate PCB boards.

2. A nano-scale coating film with a very good hydrophobic effect is formed on the surface of the PCB circuit board to form a lotus leaf effect, which effectively prevents the components on the PCB circuit board of the electronic product from wading and being corroded by acid and alkali salts.

3. The product can be infiltrated into various fine spaces of the electronic component by the immersion construction method to achieve complete coverage and wrapping, and the product will have a full three-dimensional waterproof effect.

4. This product is very different from the commonly used three anti-paint. In contrast, the three anti-paint is more difficult to dissipate the PCB and components, and the conductivity is not good. More seriously, the three anti-paint will release toxic and harmful substances. The Tiss-NM nano liquid of Qingshan New Materials is more environmentally friendly and conforms to the EU environmental protection standards. Because it is a nano-scale material, the coating formed by the naked eye cannot be seen, the heat dissipation performance is good, and the necessary conductive properties are not affected.

5. The operation is simple, the soaking takes only 5 seconds, and it can be taken out and dried naturally at normal temperature for 10 minutes without heating and drying, without additional equipment.

6. The cost is low. For example, in the case of sports headphones, 1L nano waterproof liquid can process about 4,000 PCB boards.

7. After rehydration of individual components after waterproofing, it is only necessary to re-apply the waterproofing liquid with a brush at the solder joints.

8. Multi-series and multi-concentration grades are suitable for different applications. You can select the applicable series according to your specific requirements for quality. You can select them after sample testing.

Can be used for PCB/PCB waterproofing of the following electronic products:

Rice cooker, soya-bean milk machine, microwave oven, induction cooker, juicer, electric kettle, water dispenser, coffee machine, razor, electric toothbrush, hair dryer, beauty instrument / cleansing instrument, massage equipment, foot bath, hair clipper, air purifier , water purifier, mobile phone, mobile power, bluetooth headset, mobile phone battery, charger, network set-top box, sports headset, smart watch, smart bracelet, drone, router, switch, camera, lens, learning machine, point pen , dot reading machine, instrumentation and other electronic 3C series of products PCB (circuit board) waterproof and moisture-proof acid and alkali corrosion, waterproof conjunctiva life can reach 3-5 years.