PCB Process Green Oil Plug Hole Problem Solution

In the PCB industry, customers often design VIA hole green oil without windows or some green oil windows, or single-sided windows, how to deal with this design?

We first consider the surface treatment used by the PCB. In the case of tin spray (HALS), we must avoid the one-sided plugging process because the depth of the single-sided plug is very low and it is easy to produce tin-filled beads when tin is sprayed. Seychelles has a great influence on the appearance.

If it is other surface treatments, such as immersion gold, OSP, immersion silver, etc., it can accept single-sided jacks. After considering the above factors, please refer to the customer's green oil window design. If it is partially open, try to avoid covering the edges of the holes with green oil and let the green oil enter the holes. This method is also very easy to cause the plug. .

In combination with the above two conditions, the best treatment method is the double-sided jack or the green oil cover hole side, making the 1-2 MIL tin ring treatment method most popular with PCB manufacturers. Of course, the oiling conditions here apply to ordinary photographic oils that are not heat curing oils.