Printed Circuit Board

Transfer paper for drawing circuit board print note sliding side facing yourself general printing two circuit boards, printed on a sheet of paper two circuit boards. Where you can select the best print results make circuit boards.

Cutting copper clad laminate

Plate production circuit board the whole graphic. CCL, which is covered on both sides with a copper film circuit board, CCL of cut circuit board size, not too big, to save material.

Pretreatment of copper clad laminate

The oxide layer of the laminate surface with fine sandpaper polished off, in order to ensure at the time of transfer-printed circuit boards, heat transfer paper toner on the firm printed in CCL, finished surface on which it is standard light, no visible stains.

Transfer printing circuit board

Printed circuit board cut into the appropriate size, one side of the printed circuit board on the CCL, alignment after the CCL in heat transfer machine, they must ensure that the transfer paper is not misplaced. Generally after printing 2-3 times, circuit boards can be very firmly to the transfer on the CCL. Heat transfer machine has been preheated in advance, temperature setting at 160-200, and due to the high temperature, when you pay attention to safety!

Etching circuit boards

First check the circuit board is transferred completely, if there are a few where there is no transfer well from black oily patches. Then corrode it, exposed copper films on the circuit board completely eroded away, clean the circuit board removed from the corrosive liquid, so good a piece of circuit board etching. Etching composition for concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrogen peroxide, water in a ratio of 1:2:3, at the time of preparation of corrosive fluids, water and concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrogen peroxide, if the operation concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrogen peroxide or corrosive liquid accidentally splashed on skin or clothing should be promptly cleaned with water, due to the use of corrosive solution, you must be careful and safe operation!

Circuit board drilling

Of is to insert the electronic components on the circuit board, so it is necessary for PCB drill. Depending on the electronic component pins select the thickness of the drill, while working in the drilling, circuit boards must be stable, drilling speed can not open too slowly, look carefully at the operator.

PCB pretreatment

After the finished drilling, using a fine Emery paper grinding out covered in toner on the printed circuit board, with water to clean the circuit board. Water dried, coated with Rosin water line side to speed up the Rosin solidified, we use hot air heating circuit board, just 2-3 minutes Rosin can be set.