Printed Circuit Board Industry Standard Conditions

Recently, in order to strengthen the management of the printed circuit board industry and improve the development level of the industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has formulated the "Printed Circuit Board Industry Standards" and "Interim Administrative Measures for Administrative Management." Printed circuit board industry specification announcement ". It is recommended to encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, strengthen enterprise technology and management innovation, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs. Promote a group of international influence, technology leadership, "professional, professional "Enterprise" construction.


Industrial layout and project construction encourage environmental protection.


The normative conditions put forward higher requirements for environmental protection and resource development. Printed circuit board enterprises and projects should meet the requirements of national resource development and utilization, environmental protection, energy conservation management, and safe production, in line with national industrial policies and related industry development requirements. The planning and layout requirements are in line with the local land use master plan, urban master plan, environmental function zoning and environmental protection plan.

The plant area shall not construct permanent basic farmland protection areas, drinking water source protection areas, nature reserves, scenic spots, ecological protection red lines and ecological environment sensitive areas, and vulnerable areas. The existing plant area needs to be demolished, closed or controlled, and gradually removed.

Encourage the development of the printed circuit board industry, build a fully equipped industrial park, and guide enterprises to delist. Strict control of new printed circuit board projects, low technical level, and simple expansion of production capacity. Encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, strengthen enterprise technology and management innovation, improve product quality and production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Promote a group of enterprises with international influence, technology leadership and specialization.


Encourage enterprises to carry out energy-saving technology application research, formulate energy-saving standards, formulate energy-saving commonalities and key technologies, and promote energy-saving technology innovation and transformation of results. Enterprises shall conduct environmental impact assessment according to law, implement the “three simultaneous” system requirements for environmental protection facilities, and conduct environmental protection acceptance according to regulations.


Strict management of scale, quality and environmental protection

The specification conditions give clear data on the size and technical level of the company. The research and development expenditure is not less than 3% of the company's main business income in the same year. Encourage enterprises to obtain high-tech enterprise qualifications or R&D institutions and technology centers above the provincial level; the products produced have technical patents; the actual output of the enterprises in the previous year is not less than 50% of the actual production capacity.

It also stipulates the existing per capita output value. For example, the annual output value of a single panel in a rigid board needs to be greater than or equal to 400,000 yuan. The per capita output value of double panels needs to exceed 450,000 yuan. There is also a need for investment scale, input-output ratio, key technical indicators and processing capabilities for new construction and renovation projects.


In addition, the production of printed circuit board products for aerospace, military and other industries, and the use of all-print electronics manufacturing processes are not limited by production scale and process technology.

Standard conditions suggest that enterprises should establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the quality management system, encourage third-party certification, establish a product quality traceability system, and be equipped with quality inspection departments and full-time inspection personnel. Encourage enterprises to strengthen top-level design, promote automation equipment upgrades, and improve automation. Encourage enterprises to promote production equipment networking and data collection; encourage enterprises to integrate automation, 

information and intelligence into all aspects of design, production, management and service; encourage enterprises to actively carry out intelligent manufacturing, reduce operating costs, shorten product production cycle and improve production efficiency Reduce product defect rate and improve energy efficiency.


The construction of a green factory will be the ultimate goal of the future printed circuit board industry, and the revision and revision of green manufacturing standards will be implemented.