Process Of PCB Multilayer Board Compression(3,4)

Process of PCB multilayer Board Compression(3,4)


In multilayer laminate compression, it is often referred to the wrinkle of copper skin when it is not properly treated. The thin copper skin below 0.5 oz is prone to this disadvantage when multilayer compaction occurs.


Refers to the gentle and uniform subsidence on the copper surface, which may be caused by the punctate protrusions in the parts of the steel plates used in the compression, or Dish downwards if they appear to be falling under the faulted edges. These disadvantages may be caused by the fact that, unfortunately, the copper is still on the line after corrosion. The impedance of the high speed transmission signal will be unstable and the noise. so we should avoid this kind of deficiency on the copper surface of the substrate as far as possible.