Process Of PCB Multilayer Board Compression (6,7)

Process of PCB multilayer Board Compression (6,7)

6、Foil Lamination

A mass-produced multilayer board, in which the outer copper foil and film are pressed directly with the inner skin to form the mass laminate method of multilayer multilayer plates, which replaces the traditional compression method of the early single-sided thin substrates.

7、Kraft Paper 

When laminates or substrates are pressed (laminated), Kraft paper is used as a heat transfer buffer. It is placed between the hot plate (platern) of the laminating machine and the steel plate. To ease the heating curve closest to the bulk. To make the temperature difference between the sheets to be pressed or multilayered. To narrow the temperature difference of each layer as far as possible. The commonly used specification is between 90 and 150 lbs. Since the fiber in the paper has been broken after high temperature and high pressure, No longer resilient and difficult to function, so something must be done to replace the Kraft paper, which is a mixture of pine wood and various strong bases, which is boiled together, washed and precipitated immediately after its volatile matter has escaped and acids have been removed; after it has become pulp, Can be repressed and become rough and cheap paper.