Process Of PCB Multilayer Board Compression (8)

Process of PCB multilayer Board Compression (8)

8、Kiss Pressure

When the multilayer plate is pressed, when the plates in each opening are positioned, it begins to warm up and is lifted up by a strong hydraulic top column, starting from the lowest layer of hot disk, The film prepreg used in the combination began to soften and even flow gradually, so the pressure on the top extrusion should not be too high. Avoid slippage or too much glue outflow. This initial lower pressure of 1550PSI is called kiss pressure. But when the resins in the bulk of the film are heated to soften and gelled, they are about to harden. It needs to be raised to the full pressure of 300 ~ 500 PSI, so that the materials can be tightly combined to form a solid multilayer.