Process Of PCB Multilayer Board Compression (10)

Process of PCB multilayer Board Compression (10)

10、Mass Lamination 

This is a new construction method in which the multi-layer laminate process gives up pointing at the end and adopts multiple rows of plates on the same surface. Since 1986, when the demand for four and six layers of plates has increased in tears, There has been a great change in the compression method of multilayer panels. In the early days, only one shipment board was placed on the process board to be pressed. This one-to-one arrangement has been broken through in the new method, and can be changed to one to two, or one to four, according to its size. One of the new methods is to remove the registration tips of various loose materials (such as inner sheet, film, outer sheet, etc.); instead, the outer layer is replaced by copper foil, which is first targeted on the inner plate. After pressing, the target is swept out and the tool hole is drilled from the center of the target.

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