Several Reasons That Affect Board Price Differences

1. The materials used in the board are different, resulting in different board prices.

In terms of copper thickness of the board, the thickness of the copper varies from 10z to 3Oz, all of which result in a large price difference of the sheet; in the case of solder resist ink, there are also ordinary thermosetting oils and photosensitive green oils. Plates made of different materials are different due to certain price differences. The sheet usually has FR-4, CEM-3 and the like. The thickness of the board varies from 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm. difference.

2. The difference in the production process

There are many different production processes for circuit boards, and of course the price of the boards varies. For example, the shape of a plated and tinned plate, a boring (milling) plate, and a beer (punching) plate, the cost of forming a screen printed wire and a dry film wire is different, because of the difference, there will be a circuit board. . The price is very poor.

3. The board itself is different in difficulty, resulting in price differences

Take the two boards, the other is the same, except for the line width and line spacing, 

one is greater than 0.15mm, and one is less than 0.15mm, which also causes different production costs, where the price difference of the board is completely different. There are also cases where there are 2,000 holes on both plates, and one plate has a hole diameter greater than 0.3 mm and the other plate has a hole diameter less than 0.3 mm. Different drilling costs are formed; in short, the process is the same even if the materials are the same. However, the difficulty of the PCB itself will also result in different costs, which in turn will lead to different board price differences.

4.Different customer requirements will also result in different board prices

If a board is IPC-A-600E, class 1 requires a 98% pass rate, but according to class 3, its pass rate may be only 90%. The level of customer requirements will directly affect the production of the board factory and result in different costs for the board factory. The price of the board of directors is naturally changing.

5.The board manufacturer is different

The price of boards for different board manufacturers is different. We all like to go around and the price of the board is the same. The prices of different manufacturers are naturally different.

6. Board price difference caused by different payment methods

The board factory will adjust the board price based on the payment method.

7. Different regions lead to diversified circuit board prices

The level of consumption varies from place to place, and the price of the board will be diversified due to the following areas:

(1)Sheet cost (different plates, different costs)

(2)Drilling cost (the number of holes and the size of the hole affect the cost of drilling)

(3)Process cost (different process requirements of the board lead to different process difficulties, the price of the board will be different)

(4)Labor, water and electricity, management costs (this cost depends on the cost control of each factory)

8.Other factors in the production of the board will affect the price of the board

(1)Depending on what kind of surface treatment process, we often have: spray tin lead (hot air leveling), OSP (environmental protection board), spray tin pure tin, tin, silver, gold, etc., of course, the surface technology is different, the board of directors The price will vary.

(2) Depending on the fineness of the PCB line, if the line dense line is lower than 4 / 4 mil, the price of the board will be higher.

(3) There is also a BGA on the board, so the cost will increase relatively.

(4) Also depends on the process standard. Common ones are: IPC2, IPC3, corporate standards, military standards, etc. Of course, the higher the standard, the higher the price of the board.

In short, different requirements, the price is not the same, the data is difficult to different degrees, it will also result in different prices.