Shenzhen's Export Growth

From the perspective of exported products, the export of mechanical and electrical products of superior products in Shenzhen increased slightly, and the growth of labor-intensive products was better than the overall. In the first half of the year, Shenzhen exported 581.57 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, an increase of 2.5%, of which, integrated circuits increased by 68.9%, and lamps increased by 21.8%. In the same time, exports of labor-intensive products reached 85.01 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%, of which clothing increased by 6.3% and plastic products increased by 18.7%.

The export of electromechanical products will bring opportunities for the development of PCB. From the design aspect of PCB, let's talk about whether PCB design affects the efficiency of SMT placement.

The main considerations are as follows:

1. The distribution of components on the PCB

Usually, when designing, concentrate the components on the PCB as much as possible on a certain position on the PCB. (This is the most important)

2. The position or direction of the component on the PCB

As far as possible, the components are in the same direction, horizontal and vertical, and minimize the placement of 45 degrees. The reason is that when the placement machine is attached to a 45-degree component, the patch nozzle needs to rotate 45 degrees, thereby wasting time.

3.the shape of the PCB board

As far as possible, such as: long direction, positive direction; if not, the process side can be used.

4. PCB board size

The size of the PCB board should not be too small, usually less than 50*50mm, and the efficiency is low. The reason is that the small size PCB, the components will be less, resulting in unbalanced line body, the efficiency of the placement machine is wasted waiting.

5.Engineers need to combine the convenience of SMT machine to consider production efficiency, such as the directionality of components, the continuity of SMT work, etc.