Spain Enters The Era Of 5G

Huawei is the core supplier of the multinational telecom operator vodafone, which recently launched the country's first commercial 5G mobile network in Spain. Local consumers and industry insiders are looking forward to the future of 5G networks, which have advantages such as faster speeds, lower latency and more applications.


Some in the industry believe 5G's industrial applications are more to look forward to than consumer applications. 5G, with its high speed, high reliability and low latency, could really make autonomous driving, telemedicine and the interconnection of everything possible, acting as the nervous system of the industry of the future.


Luis vernell, executive chairman of the Spanish information technology consultancy oesia group, thinks 5G is a revolution. He points out that 5G will eventually bring full meaning to concepts such as mobile communications and the Internet of things. Based on this new model, the company will also launch new mobile services.


"We are entering a new era in which everything can be connected at any time, anywhere." "Said fornell.