Status Of The Mobile IoT Smart Home Industry

The continuous development and maturity of the Internet of Things technology and the further in-depth integration of traditional enterprises have enabled cross-industry and cross-domain mobile Internet of Things to be widely used, turning the concept of smart home into a reality, as a way to achieve family informationization, The Internet of Things has become an important part of digitalization and informationization in the Internet era. The innovation and creation of smart homes have also introduced new concepts and huge development space for the entire industry.


The Internet of Things, which has grown along with cloud computing and big data, is an important foundation for smart homes and even artificial intelligence. The popularity of its application technology has epoch-making significance for improving people's living standards and concepts. The mobile Internet of Things smart home lifestyle is the future of life. New trends.


Smart homes are still in the single-product stage, with simple installation, single functions, and independent operation. They are far from being systematic, integrated, and interconnected. The so-called intelligence is only single-product intelligence, not the overall intelligence of the entire home after intelligence. The real mobile Internet of Things smart home uses wireless communication technology, with rich functions and sufficient expandable space. Furniture can cooperate with each other, share data, and have strong intelligent control. Under a unified control platform, power, switches, sockets, doors and windows, lighting, home appliances, appliances, etc. are managed in a unified manner, and things are interconnected, communicated, and assisted to create a safe, healthy, comfortable, convenient, and efficient home living environment .


Cloud computing and big data play an extremely important role in the smart home of the mobile Internet of Things. The monitoring and monitoring of various smart home devices, the collection of data information, and the storage, processing, analysis, and exchange of data all require their screening and calculation. Behind the huge amount of data is the "IQ" of the entire smart home. Smart homes must ultimately achieve barrier-free communication and communication between people and smart home devices.


China's smart home has been very hot in the past two years. It seems that the scenery is unlimited, but many industries and technical problems have not been solved. The products and systems do not match the actual market demand very much. For example, there is no unified smart home standard, which makes home products unable to communicate with each other and violates the most basic principles of the Internet and the Internet of Things. To solve this problem, operators, manufacturers, and service providers must reach an agreement; the family is public (Internal), and extremely private (External). To let people live under the monitoring of smart devices and control information and data in unfamiliar business service organizations is a very objectionable thing for traditional Chinese people. Security is not guaranteed. Moreover, buying a complete smart home is very expensive, and it is difficult to afford the average consumption level of people today. When is it possible to be as high-quality, low-priced, and easy to operate as a smartphone, it is the key.


The field of mobile IoT smart home requires a strong and open industry leader to lead the entire industry and enterprises to open up the smart home upstream and downstream industrial chain, establish standardized unified industry and technology double standards, and jointly establish and lay out a smart home ecological chain system. To ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the smart home industry, and evolve towards practical, inclusive, simple, and large-scale. Relevant government departments must establish supervision, inspection, regulation, and service responsibilities, and issue security-related laws and regulations such as smart home data and privacy to escort the entire industry.