Taiwan PCB Factory High-order HDI Process Technology Is Mature

In the third quarter of the PCB factory, Jianding, Yaohua, Xinxing and Dingying’s revenues were all rewritten to a record high. Among them, Jianding and Huatong's third-quarter net profit after tax has reached a new high. The common feature is that HDI (High Density Link Board) production capacity is ordered by customers, and high capacity utilization will continue into the fourth quarter.


Taiwan's PCB factory high-end HDI board capacity demand is strong, the market spread, Huatong next year Apple's iPhone SE2 motherboard supply will not be high, will maintain the supply of Apple's iPhone 11 motherboard, and Xin's expansion plan is also restarting Chongqing this year The second phase of the plant began construction in October with an annual production capacity of 5 million square feet. It will purchase equipment in stages according to market supply and demand, and mass production in the first half of 2021.


In recent years, the new HDI processing capacity of Taiwan PCB factories has been limited. With the introduction of high-end HDI PCB design for electronic 3C products, the new capacity supply of Taiwanese plants will remain limited next year. Huatong, Jianding, Xinxing, etc., HDI capacity is still the focus of operations next year.


Among them, Huatong HDI process investment is earlier, has reached any level of HDI process, the technology is highly reliable, can benefit from the new project number of Apple iPhone 11 series carrier board (SLP) motherboard, can undertake a large number of HDI orders. . Coupled with the large capacity of China's mobile phone brands, the third quarter revenue reached 16.294 billion Taiwan dollars, a record high.


Huatong's HDI and SLP processes have matured and production has increased. The gross profit margin in the third quarter also rose to 18.93%, higher than the foreign estimate of 16-17% in the second half of 2020.


In view of the competitive situation in Taiwan's PCB industry, PCB is still a strong company. Technically, each factory continues to use HDI, HDI Anylayer, hard and soft boards, class carriers and other innovative technologies to respond to customers' 3C electronic products. The trend of thin, short and small design, as well as the development of new product applications such as semiconductor COF, has adopted high-tech thresholds that have hampered competitors including onshore PCB factories.