Taiwan PCB Industry Hits 5G Intelligence

The total output value of Taiwanese companies on both sides of the printed circuit board increased from NT$522.2 billion in 2013 to NT$514.1 billion in 2018, an increase of 24.7%. TPCA (Taiwan Circuit Board Association) said it faces the future US-China trade and mainland China industry. Regulations, returning to Taiwan investment concessions and many other changes, recent cross-strait investment incentives, but transfer pcb factory, see the end customer requirements, whether the upstream and downstream supply chain is complete and other factors.

Taiwan's PCB industry is responding to the 5G era, and Taiwanese companies have invested in improving process capabilities and production technologies. In the international situation, investment preferences and 5G layout, the PCB industry has passed the PCB industry in the first quarter of this year. Taiwanese businessmen are welcome to return to Taiwan to invest in action plans and urban industrial zones to update their three-dimensional development plans. The total investment amount is more than NT$15 billion. The company is investing in high-end products and 5G layouts. According to reports, there are still manufacturers applying for proposals.