The Application Of Fpc

                                                     The Application of fpc

1.Due to the mature development of polymer material, the bending of circuit board can be changed, which can be divided into three application fields: 1. FPC soft board, soft board is divided into single and double multilayer board, of course, people produce different product titles according to special technology and structure.

2.The thin film switch is also divided into single and double layer circuit, but most of the circuits are made on the polyester film by printing method, with carbon ink printing, jumper and various key combinations to form a complete film type key, used in various instruments and equipment.Some of the current blood sugar test tablets are made using this technique.

3.Plastic solid circuit board, and the invention of the United States products patent, but not widely used.Die-out interconnect element is also a stereo circuit technology. It is a stereo circuit structure product made on plastic substrate.This technology is widely used in stereo antenna and automobile panel products, but it is not common in other fields.