The Attention Of FPC Circuit Board

Due to the particularity of the flexible circuit board, it is not the same in the production process. So today, the soft board manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the precautions in the flexible circuit board manufacturing process:

1. Since most of the flexible circuit boards belong to the coil, and the double-sided FPC with through holes cannot use the RTR process, the material needs to be processed by sheet metal cutting.

2. In general, the material of a flexible circuit board is very thin and therefore very fragile. Special care should be taken when handling materials to protect materials.

3. If the amount of material is small, then manual cutting is required. If the amount is large, an automatic slicer is required.

4. If it is a good material, then it is necessary to automatically stack the equipment neatly, so as to effectively reduce the phenomenon of pressure pits, creases and wrinkles.

5. If it is stacked by hand, then it is necessary to use gloves that are not easy to drop fibers. It is best to use gloves such as latex to prevent surface contamination of the material.

6. If the material cut during processing is a copper clad laminate, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rolling direction of the rolled copper.

7. In the pre-production design or subsequent processing, the blanking frame cannot be used as the positioning reference for the post-process.