The Epidemic Drove The Comprehensive Advancement Of The Temperature Gun Technology

The development of the epidemic has prompted the users to have stricter requirements for the quality of the temperature gun. This demand will drive the overall improvement of the overall program and technology of the temperature gun. In fact, the enterprises in the white list of the national customs export are also due to product quality problems. Non-stop returns.

The global outbreak of the epidemic has promoted the requirements of users of technical thermometers and quality systems for forewarmers to be more stringent, thereby requiring all aspects of the industrial chain for forewarmers to undergo a comprehensive quality upgrade. Mainly reflected in the following aspects.

    First, upgrade the technical solution. The prototype of the basic temperature gun is an 8-bit MCU + 18-bit ADC, the key is the accuracy of the ADC, plus the temperature compensation algorithm and the accumulation of their respective experience algorithms, forming a relatively stable solution, which is adopted by many qualified old medical companies , Such as Songhan, Hongkang, Xinhai and other programs. Since the outbreak of the temperature gun market, a large number of MCU solution providers and 32-bit MCU manufacturers such as Jinrui, Huada, and GD have entered. Some solution providers have conducted simple solution design to meet the low-cost needs of the market, resulting in performance that cannot meet customer needs. , And was mercilessly returned by the customer.

    Second, the reliability of the scheme is required to increase. We see that old-style solutions are also mercilessly returned by customers at home and abroad, so why? Because the sensitivity of the sensor, the overall performance of the solution and the software calibration did not do high temperature outdoor high and low temperature environment requirements, so that the reliability of the equipment is not To user requirements. For example, in Russia, when the ambient temperature near the Arctic reaches minus 20 degrees, many components cannot meet the low temperature characteristics and cannot be used; while in the Indian market, the African market, and the Middle East market, because the ambient temperature requires a high temperature of 40 degrees, many temperature guns The temperature drift is very large, exceeding 0.3 degrees or more, and many of the direct temperature guns are directly NG and burst the watch.

    Third, the sensor requirements are stricter. Now the core regions of the world have entered the high-temperature and high-humidity environment in summer, and many components, especially thermopile infrared sensors, will have sensor failures in places with high humidity. Recently, the northeast market has purchased a large amount of 500-600 yuan in March. The malfunction of the gun is related to the increase in humidity, because the sensor package used by the front temperature gun leaks air, and the sealing is not good, so that the moisture enters and the sensor malfunctions, resulting in inaccuracy.

    The overall technology of the front temperature gun is actually not complicated. A large number of returns and technical problems are mainly related to the quality of the program. The function requirements of the forehead gun are simple, and the requirements for the MCU are not high. 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs can basically be used. The core is the choice of ADC. Basically, the 12-bit ADC that comes with the 32-bit MCU must not use more than 18 bits. The ADC requires a 24-bit ADC, because in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East where the ambient temperature is high, good ADC high-precision signal processing is required to meet the demand. The operational amplifier can not improve the operational accuracy, only amplify the signal multiple, so the core of the front temperature gun is not the 8-bit and 32-bit battle of the MCU. The core focus is on the use of ADCs with more than 18 bits.

    Why does the old forehead temperature gun scheme that has been verified by the measurement unit appear to be returned as well? Four reasons prompted this to happen. First, the previous frontal temperature gun was used at an indoor ambient temperature of 16-37 degrees, but now as a new coronary pneumonia protective equipment for outdoor use, the previous domestic and foreign frontal temperature gun standards have been seriously invalidated and need to be in the full temperature range. Use at ambient temperature, then it requires calibration, verification and temperature compensation algorithm adjustment at full temperature ambient temperature. In general, the previous solution was to do two-point temperature calibration, 16 degrees, 25 degrees, 35 degrees, and any other two-point temperature calibration. Now the development can not fully meet the different requirements of outdoor temperature and humidity around the world, especially all The old thermopile infrared sensor has a large temperature drift at a high temperature of 40 degrees, 41 degrees, and 42 degrees. It exceeds the drift temperature difference of 0.3 degrees. Under this situation, many temperature guns began to be returned in large quantities, in fact because of the high temperature outdoors The environment's demand for sensor sensitivity is greatly increased. Therefore, it is necessary to re-calibrate the global environmental temperature of the temperature compensation algorithm, and to calibrate and verify the ambient temperature of at least 10 points of high and low temperatures, and re-verify the global temperature calibration and temperature compensation algorithm from minus 20 degrees to 42 degrees above zero And, it is necessary to carry out the machine in high and low temperature environment to ensure the performance stability of the equipment and the accuracy of the equipment test in each temperature range. This will promote the upgrade of the front temperature gun solution providers. A wave of front temperature gun solution reshuffles will start again. The process of reshuffling is also the process of finalizing overseas orders. Otherwise, it will be the ebb of the front temperature gun solution providers.

    Secondly, under high ambient temperature, the thermal interference of ambient temperature to the frontal temperature is much greater, and sensors with higher sensitivity are needed. The sensitivity of traditional brand sensors cannot meet the needs of outdoor epidemic prevention in many high-temperature regions of the world, especially in the recent domestic There are a large number of thermopile infrared sensor companies with low sensitivity outside, which are destined to end without beginning. The carnival of sensors will start from a new dimension. Sensitivity is the largest key parameter, and it is also the life and death parameter of sensors. Sensors with sensitivity that meets the requirements will rise when the large orders are placed in May.

    Third, because of the increase in humidity, the requirements for the level of sensor packaging have also been greatly improved, especially the requirements for air tightness. The quality of the packaging factory has been integrated into the quality of the overall sensor and the temperature gun to become an important part. Recently, many temperature guns purchased in the northeast region at high prices of 500-600 yuan in March began to be returned in large quantities. It is because the sensor package leaks caused the temperature in the northeast region to rise and the humidity increased, the sensor leak caused humidity to enter To the inside of the sensor affects the instability of the sensor chip and causes the forehead temperature gun to be unstable during detection. The temperature difference obviously exceeds 0.3 degrees and is returned.

    Fourth, the use of low-temperature environments requires that the components can meet the use temperature of minus 20 degrees, and the requirements for low-temperature resistance of the components are increased, otherwise they will not work directly at low temperatures, which is also a recent Russian order inquiry, and the samples are sent out and found to be bad. The situation is serious and there is no main reason for placing an order directly.

    In short, the business of the Even gun is in the case of placing orders overseas within the past 15 days. The core of the Chinese customs control is the quality issue, not the policy issue. The core of the quality problem is that the domestic and foreign standards of the previous Even gun cannot meet the present. The use of the scene has caused a large number of Chinese gun manufacturers to return goods even if they are in the customs export white list, causing large orders to be delayed. It needs to be greatly improved in overall technology and quality. Focus on the selection and use of 18-bit ADC, the performance improvement of components, the sensitivity requirement of the overall thermopile infrared temperature sensor has been greatly improved to the level of sensor packaging, as well as the adjustment of the software and the multi-point at a global environment temperature (minimum 10 Point) Temperature calibration Correction of the temperature compensation algorithm and cooker under high temperature and high humidity environment.