The Future Development Trend Of China's PCB Industry

                        The Future Development trend of China's PCB Industry

           China is the largest producer of PCB in the world, but the scale of enterprises is smaller than that of traditional powers such as Japan and South Korea, and the degree of industry concentration is low. Looking forward to the future development trend of domestic PCB industry, it is the trend of the times to improve the degree of industry concentration.

           From the point of view of industry development, high-end products such as packaging substrate and mid-high-end products such as HDI board will become an important direction.

           In terms of product types, the global PCB industry is moving in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, constantly reducing volume, reducing costs, improving performance, lightweight, increasing productivity and reducing pollution. In order to adapt to the development of electronic equipment industry downstream, the investment in technology research and development will be further increased, the high speed, high frequency and high heat application of multilayer board will continue to expand, and more sophisticated HDI board and more advanced wafer level packaging technology will appear.

           Compared with Japan and South Korea, China has relatively low labor costs, huge market potential, concentration of downstream industries and land, hydropower, etc. The advantages of resources and policies have also brought about the transfer of PCB industry from developed countries to China.

           In terms of enterprise size and industry concentration, the scale of PCB enterprises in China will be further expanded, eliminating some backward small and medium-sized enterprises and concentrating most of their production capacity on leading enterprises. The concentration of PCB industry in mainland China lags behind that of Europe and America, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and the concentration of local PCB industry and the market share of large factories have great room for improvement.