The Global IC Packaging Substrate Market

The IC package substrate, also known as the IC carrier board, is directly used to carry the chip, which not only provides support, protection and heat dissipation for the chip, but also provides an electronic connection between the chip and the PCB motherboard. Asia Chemical Consulting estimates that the global IC packaging materials market will reach 20 billion US dollars in 2018, the largest proportion of which is IC package substrates, which is about 7.3 billion US dollars. Asia Chemical Consulting predicts that the global IC packaging substrate market will grow steadily and will break through 10 billion US dollars in 2022.

The IC packaging substrate market has been in a stable growth stage in recent years, and in recent times there have been rumors that Taiwan's packaging and testing plants have been out of stock for IC package substrates. Some IC packaging substrate companies around the world are planning to expand production. In November 2018, Ibiden said that in the period of 2019-2021, a total of 70 billion yen (about 4.2 billion yuan) will be invested in the Daxie Central Business Plant and the Datun Business Plant. Used to set up new production lines and update equipment, the company's IC package substrate will increase its annual production capacity by about 50% in 2021.


Due to the high technical barriers and capital investment of IC package substrates, the global package substrate market is currently occupied by PCB companies such as UMTC, Ibiden, SEMCO, South Asia circuit boards, Kinsus and other regions in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. The top ten companies The market share is over 80%, and the industry concentration is relatively high.


The mainland PCB companies in China have been in the early stage of development and early growth stage. Most of them are engaged in the production of low-end and medium-end PCB products, and they do not have the conditions to enter the IC packaging substrate industry. At present, only a few mainland leading PCB companies have begun to develop and mass produce IC package substrates.