The Key Points Of Making Pcba Test Tool Fixture

                                  The key points of making pcba test tool fixture

1. According to the test requirements and the test board, after selecting the control mode, we can carry out the structural design of the test tool fixture. We can design the loading board, the pressure board, the connector module, etc., the location of the bearing board/ pressure board of the fixture is reasonable, and there are corresponding protective measures for product testing, so as to avoid damaging the test board.

2. The location of the fixture is accurate, and the connector should be docked smoothly.

3. The layout of the fixture box is reasonable, and the space for wiring and installation control system is sufficient.

4. The optical fiber / micro / SPK / SIM card should be reserved and positioned correctly.

5. The position of the reserved interface should be correct, sufficient and reasonable.

6. The locking of the fixture box should be easy to replace and maintain by means of bag buckle or press buckle.

7. Correct zero correction.The zero drift of test fixture will change with the change of test condition or the change of test fixture, so it is necessary to correct the zero point of open circuit and short circuit.Therefore, FCT test fixtures have open circuit and short-circuit correction settings.

8. When the fixture is broken and aged, it can be exchanged for needles to maintain and continue to use. If the fixture is damaged, it can not be repaired, and the customer changes will no longer be used. It needs remanufacturing.

PCBA test fixture is generally customized for a product, which can effectively improve productivity and shipping quality.