The Mobile Phone Same Kind Of Carrier Board Becomes The New Power Of PCB.

Today, the development of mobile phones is becoming more intelligent, and the direction of refinement and refinement means that the internal components of mobile phones will be further reduced or integrated. Under this trend, soft-board (FPC) and class carrier boards (SLPs) in PCBs have the opportunity to be further promoted and applied.

According to the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA), in order to meet the trend of thinner lines, the HDI line process must be changed from subtraction to semi-additive (mSAP) or even thinner CCL copper (3 μm). It uses an advanced semi-additive method (amSAP) with a thickness of 1μm copper for finer lines. Although only Apple and Samsung have used type boards in their smart phones so far, there are still many board manufacturers predicting that the line width/line spacing of mobile phone boards is 15μm~20μm, which is an inevitable trend. Other mobile devices such as smart watches It also has application potential, so it is willing to undertake new ventures and establish an mSAP production line.

HDI's technology development and market applications are also constantly advancing. For example, in the development of technology, the finer the line, the more important the mSAP process, the smaller the μVia aperture (50 μm), the smaller the Pico Second or Femto Second laser drilling machine can reduce the thermal effect area, and the aperture ratio needs to be realized. Approximately 0.8 to 1, the fan-out wafer lever package board must also have very low warpage requirements. It depends on the manufacturer investing resources from the material side and the equipment side.

If you look at the market, in addition to smart phones being the biggest application, other portable devices such as smart watches are also potential applications. In the current industry competition, land-based circuit board factories have gradually entered the HDI market. Although there are still gaps in capacity and technology between Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the United States, it will inevitably force leading manufacturers to move higher. The level of SLP product layout (on the other hand, of course, Apple's actual needs) to avoid falling into price competition. Product belt, so although the current application of SLP is not much, when more and more SLP technology and production capacity are in place, it will naturally promote more SLP applications. In other words, SLP will provide information from the beginning of the demand and may be in the future. It will become a situation that stimulates supply demand.