The Package Introduction Of FPC Connector

FPC connector is a kind of connector commonly used in electronic production of enterprises. The application range is mostly PCB board on various electronic products. The shape is usually rectangular. The manufacturing process is generally stamping and injection molding, and has explosion-proof characteristics. The contact material on the FPC connector is usually made of phosphor bronze, and the plastic insulator is mostly made of PA66. The commonly used FPC connector has a pitch of 0.5pitch, 1.0pitch, 1.25pitch, and the like.

In the production process, for small-pitch FPC connectors, it is necessary to package to protect the coplanarity of the terminals and the positive position of the terminal arrangement, so as to reduce the possibility that the FPC connector products may appear during packaging and transportation. Quality issues. Today's FPC connectors are usually available in two packages, one in a PVC tube package and the other in a tape carrier package.

PVC pipe packaging

Among them, the PVC tube package has poor protection performance for the small pitch FPC connector, and the SMT process needs to manually place the product on the PCB, which increases the off-line process in the customer assembly and seriously affects the production efficiency.

Carrier tape package

The tape carrier package is a package method that uses surface mount electronic components such as ICs. The package carrier tape designed according to the shape of the product can protect the product from damage, and can be automatically processed in the SMT process like other electronic components. The patch soldering process, without the need for extra processes and equipment, improves the productivity of PCB assembly.