The PCB Production Value This Year Is Estimated To Be 661.1 Billion Yuan.

The Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) estimates that the Sino-US trade agreement is unclear, the Chinese economy is cooling down, political interference in Britain and France, and the slowdown in growth of mobile phones and other end products will affect Taiwan's PCB production value to be 2019. It is about 1.5% more than last year, and the output value is estimated to be NT$611.1 billion.

The Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) released its 2018 production and sales data report at the "Vision 2019 PCB Industry Main Trends Seminar" and the Industrial Research Institute "Obsteology International Institute". According to statistics, Taiwan's cross-strait PCB industry output value reached 651.4 billion Taiwan dollars (about 216.01 billion US dollars) in 2018, an increase of 5% over 2017 NT$ 611.2 billion, and the output value hit another record high. Overall, the Taiwanese company in 2018 Production value remains the global leader, accounting for 31% of the global market.

In the global PCB industry, Dong Yuming, an analyst at the Industrial Engineering Research Institute, said that in 2018, the global circuit board industry continued to grow in 2017, with a growth rate of 6.31% and a new high of $69.1 billion; including three major trends (Advanced Pcb, Big-data, Car) and three accidents, PC shipments slowed down, IC carrier board in short supply, Apple smart watches and Bluetooth headsets and other peripheral growth.

Benefiting from the positive growth of the circuit board industry, PCB equipment and materials business revenue is very bright. Together with Taiwan's PCB industry chain (PCB manufacturing, PCB equipment, PCB materials), the total domestic and international output value reached NT$958.3 billion. A new milestone in the industry.

Looking forward to 2019, due to the unclear influence of Sino-US trade agreements, the cooling of China's economy, the political turmoil in Britain and France, and the slowdown in the growth of mobile phones and other terminal products, it is estimated that Taiwan's cross-strait PCB production will increase in 2019. About 1.5%, the output value is expected to reach NT$611.1 billion.

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Dong Yuming also reminded that the current Sino-US trade war is still difficult to relax the status of factories in mainland China. How to implement and reward the mainland PCB industry standards is the focus of follow-up observations in mainland China.