The Rapid Development Of Autonomous Driving Brings Opportunity To PCB Industry

The popularity of automotive electronics will drive up the price and quantity of automotive PCB(printed circuit board). In recent years, the trend of automobile electrification and electronicalization is obvious, and PCB is almost everywhere in automobile electronic system.

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 new energy vehicle and intelligent driving components would considerably increase the car value of PCB


In recent years, the trend of automobile electrification and electronicalization is more and more obvious. As the backbone of electronic products, PCB manufacturing is increasingly important in automobile supply chain. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles add charging, energy storage, power distribution and voltage conversion equipment, which will bring a lot of new application scenarios to PCB.


At the same time, although the autonomous driving above L4 cannot be mass produced in a short time, the gradual penetration of various intelligent driving components will bring rapid development opportunities to the application of high-end high-frequency PCB in automobiles.



PCB application large family: new energy vehicle

According to our calculation, in the field of powertrain and transmission alone, the value of PCB in electric vehicle is as high as 800 yuan, which is 20 times of the value of PCB in the field of traditional vehicle.


The new demand for electric vehicles mainly comes from powertrain related equipment -- vehicle charger, battery management system (BMS), voltage conversion system (dc-dc, inverter, etc.) and other high-voltage and low-voltage devices.

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New energy vehicles contain a large number of high-voltage, high-power devices, such as IGBT, MOSFET and so on have higher requirements for heat dissipation, making the layout of PCB can not be too dense, further increasing the amount of new energy vehicles PCB.


For each new energy vehicle, the total PCB board required by the above mentioned equipment is about 0.8 square meters.


The total PCB required for an electric fuel car of medium level is only 0.43 square meters. In the internal combustion engine of the traditional fuel car and the traditional system, the consumption of PCB is very small, the total is only about 0.04 square meters.

The automobile millimeter-wave radar is an important promoter of the promotion of high-end PCB


In intelligent driving devices, millimeter-wave radars must be manufactured using high-frequency PCB. The unit price of high frequency PCB is several times that of ordinary PCB.


The automobile millimeter-wave radar mainly USES two frequency bands, 24GHz and 77-79ghz, whose frequency is much higher than that of the common circuit.


The characteristics of high-frequency circuits determine that the requirements of copper clad plate, the key raw material of high-frequency PCB, to the manufacturing process of PCB are much higher than that of ordinary PCB:


The transmission loss of high frequency circuit determines that PTFE and other special substrates must be used for PCB copper clad plate.


The high processing value of high frequency PCB is decided by the difficulty of high frequency copper clad plate.


The application of domestic millimeter-wave radar continues to grow rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of about 54% in 2018. According to the calculation of zousi industry research, domestic millimeter-wave radar shipments reached 3.58 million in 2018.

Generally, vehicles equipped with ADAS function need 2-7 MMW radars, so the domestic production of MMW radars in 2018 is equivalent to equiped with 720,000 vehicles, and the penetration rate is about 3%.


Among them, the shipment of domestic 77GHz millimeter-wave radar exceeded 24GHz for the first time in 2018, becoming the mainstream. The 77GHz has higher requirements for PCB due to its higher frequency.



Automobile PCB will volume price rise, far surpasses the industry growth rate


According to our calculation, the PCB consumption of a single new-energy vehicle equipped with millimeter-wave radar and large central control screen will reach 1.24 square meters, and the value is 1,281 yuan, 3.6 times that of a conventional fuel vehicle without the above equipment.


Major drivers of PCB cycle value enhancement include:


The popularity of new energy vehicles


Intelligent driving equipment, especially the application of millimeter-wave radar


Human-computer interaction system improvement