The Situation In The Big Environment Is Difficult To Predict

For 2019, the optimism of the PCB industry in the past few months is now more conservative, and the embarrassing situation of environmental uncertainty is naturally the key. For the PCB industry, tariffs are not worth worrying about. The PCB industry will not consider the transfer of production capacity. Whether the trade war will have an impact on the global economy will make the economy decline, which will really affect the key to the PCB industry.

If it goes in the worst direction, Huawei will also be subject to embargo sanctions, which will crack down on the domestic 5G infrastructure construction process and then postpone the global 5G application business application schedule. This long-term follow-up effect will make the PCB industry conservative in the future.

In addition to the huge environmental uncertainty, the growth of the mobile phone market is also a major problem, especially the performance of Apple's new machine sales in 2018 is obviously insufficient. In the case of delayed shipments, the revenue of mobile soft board factories in November was generally affected. Have a certain influence. In the past, most soft board seasons continued until November, but there was an early stagnation or recession in 2018.

Due to uncertain demand growth and insufficient capacity investment in the past few years, the PCB industry is increasingly disadvantaged for next year's expansion plans. Some big manufacturers said that they will not carry out large-scale capacity expansion next year, and even emphasize that only the production layer will increase next year, and the total output will not change much.

However, the situation of China's strong investment is also worthy of attention. Due to sufficient funds, the progress of 5G related technologies of leading enterprises in the past two years is obvious. For example, Shenzhen Xindaxing is preparing to provide 5G infrastructure, which can be shipped at any time.

In addition to continuous technological improvements, enterprise management is also key to the long-term operation of PCB factories. No matter how the market environment changes, how technology develops, how to set production capacity, optimize production efficiency and increase product output is always the most basic problem.

After all, PCB is the mother of electronic products. As long as the electronics industry continues to grow, business opportunities will always exist and the bottom of the market will reach its peak. Regardless of the changes in the industry in 2019, the implementation of basic management will become a constant concern of the PCB industry.