Turnkey PCB Assembly

There are many highly demanding reviews based on production levels and production type plans in PCB assembly projects. To ensure that no standards are overlooked and omitted, we will carefully examine and analyze all aspects of the PCB project. Our use of human resources and machines with medium-tech flexibility demonstrates the reliability of our project loading at the right time and economic conditions.

With XD PCB's complete turnkey, PCB and PCB assembly capabilities, you can move from concept to product to market with just a few simple steps. Send your BOM file and get the complete turnkey, PCB or PCB assembly price for components, manual and bare boards; it's that simple. Our team of procurement specialists will search their sources to find the exact part you want at the best price. With XD PCB's complete turnkey, PCB and PCB assembly capabilities, we can get the most complex projects and services for you in one day. We offer complete turnkey, PCB, PCB assembly quotes online or by phone. Our PCB complete turnkey 'solution' includes PCB design, PCB, PCB assembly and DFM engineering assistance. XD Trading also provides inspection, testing, etc., including box construction and final PCB assembly (if needed).

XD PCB services include:

Prototype assembly

We offer prototyping of surface mount, through-hole and hybrid PCB assemblies. The prototype can also be made of lead or lead-free.

BGA, QFN and surface mount components

Our surface mount features include BGA, QFN and fine pitch components. Automated assembly processes are used throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure consistent, consistent quality and optimal manufacturing costs.

Mixing technology and through hole assembly

We have complete through hole and hybrid technology assembly capabilities. We also offer a range of support services such as conformal coatings, packaging and device programming.

PCB test

We use AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) to ensure that any defects in manufacturing are identified and corrected prior to delivery. We also work with our customers to develop unique functional tests to meet more complex test requirements.