Emerging Applications Bring Unlimited Business Opportunities To PCB

                       Emerging applications bring unlimited business opportunities to PCB

    On February 4th 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission published the "key products and Services guidance catalogue for Strategic emerging Industries", which includes a new generation of basic information industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industries. New material industry, biological industry, new energy industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, digital creative industry, new energy automobile industry, etc. Nearly 4,000 subdivision products and services are involved. Compared with the version three years ago, the number of subdivision products and services has increased by nearly 900, including artificial intelligence. For the first time, the digital creative industry is on the guidance list. The breakdown of new energy vehicles has also expanded from the original "pure electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid car" to a "new energy vehicle product," "charging." Electricity exchange and hydrogenation facilities "production test equipment" three items.

    Now, with the development of intelligent automobile, the automobile industry is expected to develop into a new type of smart terminal. With the increasing market share of electric vehicles, intelligent new energy. Automobile electronics will be an important market for PCB. However, the automobile industry has high requirements for the safety and reliability of products. PCB industry in smart cars, new energy vehicles before the full blowout should do a good job in technology and production reserves.

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         Now, in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, smart cars, communications, consumer electronics, health, wearable devices and many other fields, Chinese has a huge market, the birth of a new consumer demand. A large number of specific to the PCB industry, as an integral part of electronic systems, high speed the development of these industries also brings opportunities for the PCB industry, which also proved from another side, why PCB can occupy half of the country Chinese production worldwide, served as a base for the largest PCB.