Visit Our Factory

Welcome to visit our factory .

Randy and Eli are from Washington in USAAnd Randy Johnson, work as Co-Founder, CTO

Eli Pickering, work as Vice-President Engineering.

They worked in a large company, which can provide all kinds of technologies, LED Grow Lights Designed for Commercial Horticulture. All of their LED-based grow lights are built in the United States and ship globally.

This is the first time they visited our factory.



We went to the workshop, and showed him our SMT Production lines, DIP room, AOI test process and so on. Randy asked us some questions of our Spec Sheet on the Metal Core board construction. Resistance to Yellowing over time… this is very important to them.


After visited our factory, Eli had reviewed our quotation, and he is interested in moving forward to evaluate our PCBs.


Once we provide this information with them, and they can place a sample order for boards to begin evaluating in Austin.