What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ear Thermometer And Forehead Thermometer?

1. Ear Thermometer

Features: The ear thermometer can be used to measure ear temperature and forehead temperature, so it has two purposes.

Function: It can automatically measure the baby's body temperature, accurate calculation, easy to use.

How to use: Remove the cover of the instrument, and then measure it against the eardrum of the baby's ear. Gently pull the baby's ear to facilitate straightening of the ear canal. Then press the measurement button to complete the measurement in one second.

Note: Clean the baby's ears before taking measurements. After using the ear thermometer, close the lid to prevent dust from entering.

Cleaning method: After using the ear thermometer each time, use a cotton swab to remove the earwax from the probe.

2. Forehead thermometer

Features: The human body model and room temperature model can be interchanged.

Function: One-second measurement, dual-mode operation, knowing backlight prompt, appearance is penguin shape.

How to use: Point the instrument directly in front of the baby's forehead, keep it level with the top of the eyebrow, and then press the measurement button. After hearing the sound, the measurement is completed.

Note: At room temperature, after exercise or if the forehead is dry, it can affect the accuracy of the measurement. Do not touch the infrared spot of the forehead gun to the baby's eyes.

Cleaning method: When the probe of the thermometer is greased, you can wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and then leave it for a minute before using it or storing it.