What Are The Common Electronic Components

PCBA processing is inseparable from various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystal diodes and transistors, which are the basic components that make up an electronic circuit. The performance and quality of electronic components have a major impact on the quality of PCBA finished products. What are the common PCBA electronic components?


Resistors are electronic components with resistive properties and are one of the most widely used components in PCBA, commonly referred to as resistors. The resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which are used as voltage dividers, shunts and current limiters in the circuit.


A resistor that can change the resistance, that is, a resistor that can be continuously adjusted within a prescribed range, is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer consists of a housing, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistor and three terminals.


Capacitors are one of the basic components of PCBA processing. It is a component that stores electrical energy and can be used as coupling, filtering, DC blocking and tuning in electronic circuits.

Inductor coil

Inductors are called inductors and have the function of storing magnetic energy. The inductor is indicated by the letter symbol L. The inductor coil is usually composed of a skeleton, a winding, a shield, a magnetic core, and the like.


The transformer consists of a core (or core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary coil and the other winding is called the secondary coil.

A transformer is a device that converts voltage, current and impedance. When an alternating current passes through the primary coil, an alternating magnetic flux is generated in the magnetic core (or core) to induce a voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. Transformers are mainly used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power transmission, impedance transformation and buffer isolation. It is one of the most important components in PCBA.

Crystal diode

A crystal diode (i.e., a semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as a diode) is composed of a PN junction, an electrode lead, and an outer sealed package, and has unidirectional conductivity.

Crystal triode

Transistors (hereinafter referred to as transistors) are core devices for signal amplification and processing, and are widely used in PCBA machines.

Field effect transistor

A field effect transistor (referred to as a field effect transistor) is also a semiconductor device having a PN junction. Unlike a triode, it does not take advantage of the conductive properties of the PN junction, but rather utilizes its insulating properties.


A thyristor is an abbreviation for a thyristor rectifying element and is a four-layer high-power semiconductor device having three PN junctions, also called a thyristor. It has the characteristics of small size, relatively simple structure and powerful functions, and is one of the more commonly used semiconductor devices.

integrated circuit

Integrated circuits (ICs) utilize semiconductor processes or thick film processes (or combinations of these processes) to connect active devices (transistors, field effect transistors, etc.) and passive components (resistors, capacitors, etc.). The circuit and its wiring are fabricated on a semiconductor substrate or an insulating substrate to form a circuit having a specific function and packaged in a package. Compared with discrete component circuits, integrated circuits have the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption, low cost, high reliability, and stable performance. They are widely used in PCBA electronics.

Electroacoustic device

A device for performing mutual conversion of an electrical signal and a sound signal in a circuit is referred to as an electroacoustic device. It has a wide variety of speakers, microphones, earphones (or earbuds), microphones, receivers and more.

Switches, relays, various connectors

This switch is used to cut, switch or convert circuits in an electronic device.

A relay is an automatic control device that changes the output when the input (electric, magnetic, acoustic, optical, thermal) reaches a certain value.

Surface mount component

Surface mount components (SMC and SMD), also known as SMD components or chip components, include resistors, capacitors, inductors, and semiconductor devices. They are small, lightweight, leadless or have short leads. High installation density, high reliability, good vibration resistance and easy automation.

Optoelectronic devices

Photovoltaic cells and semiconductor light emitting devices that operate using semiconductor photovoltaic effects are collectively referred to as photovoltaic devices that use photoconductive devices.